La Grencaia - Agriturismo B&B in Val d'Orcia

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La Grencaia è stata completamente ristrutturata nel 2009Farmhouse La Grencaia is situated on the northern bound of the Natural and Artistic Park of the Val d'Orcia close to Castelluccio di Pienza (also named Castelluccio della Foce as it belongs to that large estate). The territory is divided into three different municipalities: Pienza, Montepulciano and Chianciano Terme.

Castelluccio is an ancient fortified castle which dominates all the valley and it was built in the medieval times to control the access to the valley from the northern side. The farmhouse has been completely restored in 2009, according to the principles of bio-architecture; employing building materials such as bricks, slaked lime, wood; walls have been insulated by using cork; the heating system works with bio-masses and solar cells provide hot water. Our hosts will thus enjoy a stay in a healthy structure which takes care for the environment granting at the same time all the comforts required.

The large open areas will allow a holiday in contact with nature and the opportunity of directly following the seasonal works.

The farmhouse has a composite structure. Its oldest part is the watching tower with a scarp wall. It was built in the ancient times by the Republic of Siena as part of the defensive system of Castelluccio, to control the access from the Umbria vales, particularly from Castiglion del Lago and Città della Pieve. From the windows of the farm it is possible to enjoy the splendid view of Val di Chiana, and the country road which leads to the farm across the woods offers splendid views of the Valdorcia and Monte Amiata. La torre del casale La Grencaia
The farm La Grencaia is surrounded by an an unspoiled landscape. It enlarges for 54 hectares on the hills which separate val di Chiana from Val d’orcia. Part of them are cultivated with olive groves (970) and fruit trees (270) according to the principles of organic farming, recognized by the Italian organization Suolo e Salute since 2008 (code n° ASS27490SI0145) They alternate with lowns and clay hills covered with brooms and woods. La Grencaia è inserito in un ambiente incontaminato
The clay hills which surround the farmhouse where once inhabited by the Etruscans, the ancient inhabitants of the area and an important Etruscan necropolis has beeen discovered 300 mt away which is still being excavated: the Necropolis of Poggio Tolle.

La Grencaia is situated between two important natural reserves: the Riserva of Lucciolabella and the Riserva of Pietraporciana. They can both easily be reached on foot along the signaled trails in about 20 minutes.

Le riserve di Lucciola Bella e Pietraporciana

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